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Global Strategies

David Morris is an international consultant with a number of senior advisory roles in Asia Pacific and Europe:

  • Vice President, Sustainable Business Network, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

  • Senior Expert - China, East Asia, Australia and the Pacific, LM Political Risk & Strategic Advisory

  • Special Advisor, Sustainable Development, Trans Pacific Advisory & Co

  • Senior Research Fellow, Research Center for Pacific Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University

  • Research Fellow, Institute of International, Political and Regional Studies, Corvinus University of Budapest

  • Academic Adviser, Research Center for Pacific Island Countries, Liaocheng University

  • Member, International Advisory Board, World Green Organisation

  • Member, Advisory Board, Institute for Cultural Relations Policy

He has a global network for expert strategic advisory projects:


  • to manage local, regional and global political risks

  • to strengthen market reputation

  • to plan for all likely scenarios

  • to build relationships essential for success


Strategic advisory services:

1. Research - In-depth case study analysis of international business environments, including opportunities and governance challenges


2. Risk - Expert analysis and assessment of non-economic but critical risks such as climate, geopolitical, political and country risks 


3. Reputation - Strategic planning and implementation of brand identity, leadership dialogue events, publications and public relations 


4. Relationships - Engaging and winning support from stakeholders, governments and local communities

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